About Us

Hey there !
Words can't express how excited I am for you or your loved one to receive our unique and memorable gifts !
When my (now) husband and I started dating , he would always send me roses. I know, it's pretty cheesy.
I was always disappointed a few days later when they would inevitably wilt and to have everytime the same gift so it wouldn't surprise me anymore ..
 So I thought...
What if roses could last longer than a week or two?
Could they last a year?
What if gifts for special occasions would be surprising and memorable ?
Intent on preventing florals from wilting and disappointing gifts we started Fushy in 2019 and now we're eternally grateful to be a part of your meaningful moments ! 
Thank you so much for supporting us on this journey. We're always trying to improve, so if you have any feedback reach out to us by email at contact@fushy-uk.com !